November 14

WAX Lead Engineer | Lukas Sliwka | NFT Meets Defi



WAX Lead Engineer | Lukas Sliwka | NFT Meets Defi

Lukas Sliwka is the Lead Engineer of WAX, a purpose built blockchain for NFTs!
In this interview we go through:

00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Introduction of Lukas
05:20 – What is WAX designed for?
07:20 – Why is two NFT standards good?
08:30 – Barriers for the Crypto space
10:55 – How to onboard more no-coiners
12:45 – What is DEFI?
14:15 – Why is WAX DEFI on Ethereum?
19:20 – What is the DEFI benefit of WAXP tokenholders?
20:15 – The 4 steps of WAX Tokenomics
28:35 – The 3 phases of the WAX Tokenomics implementation
31:29 – WAXP Swap ratio, is that locked forver?
32:30 – WAX Ethereum mechanics
38:14 – WAXE-ETH token and DEFI details
45:18 – The WAX – Ethereum Bridge
49:16 – How will a Swap back from Ethereum work?
51:46 – How does the Fee Swapping work?
53:16 – How is fees enforced on WAX
1:00:16 – Solving issues with Cloud wallet and NFT sales
1:06:36 – WAX Cloud Wallet infrastructure
1:18:06 – The future of WAX NFT Launches
1:20:16 – Why Atari used a completely new platform
1:24:06 – The future innovations of NFTs
1:27:59 – How the Community push WAX Launches to evolve
1:30:29 – Where will the WAX system move over the next year


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