Luke Stokes has been in the ecosystem since he bought 2.5btc for $50. If you have spent any time in the Steem, EOS, or Hive ecosystem you probably have seen him, read his articles or watched his videos.

He is part of the team that has Launched the new crypto project, FIO, which is here to help adopt crypto in a smooth and effortless way.

We’ll let the interview do the talking and below you will find a lot of links for FIO related stuff.

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Michael is an crypto and EOSIO veteran, the brain behind EOSDAC, and his team is now launching Alienworlds. A game metaverse, well, an entire ecosystem that will be launched on WAX.

Alienworlds is a complex system filled with NFTs, staking, voting, mining, gameplay, ability to earn NFTs and Trillium. You can build in new games on top of their ecosystem, and take over planets to earn more rewards. Well, in short, it’s something that no one knows how it will play out, and it will be interesting to see where it takes us.

Tune in, learn more about Michael, EOSDAC and Alienworlds!

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Joel Comm and Travis Wright are the hosts of Badcrypto podcast, a podcast that is one of the most downloaded cryptocurrency related podcasts out there. Joel and Travis are veterans in the field of digital marketing where they have launched multiple products and companies, released best selling books and are overall great guys!

Their latest projects is an amazing series of digital collectibles in the form of NFTs on WAX. WAX is a blockchain designed for great end user experience and is taking the place as the leader in the NFT ecosystem. Using NFTs with their collectibles ensures true ownership for anyone that buys these Blockchain heroes. With WAX you can instantly collect, transfer, trade and showcase your digital assets, with anyone, from all over the world.

Blockchain heroes is a fictional collection inspired by profiles in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. A total of 50 designs with 7 different rarities to trigger any collectors deepest wishes to own what is cool and rare.

Blockchain heroes is live on Saturday 8/8 2020 and can be traded and bought on multiple marketplaces already.

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Michael Blu, or Mblu which he is more known as in the eosio ecosystem is a talented artist, entrepreneur, musician, father and more. He’s now pulling his effort into creating a charity on Blockchain.

In this interview we go through his past, from being a marine, into starting his own businesses and working full time as musician all over Hollywood. He advised people not to invest in bitcoin during 2012, to later find himself heavily invested in the space.

Mblu is an OG in the EOSIO ecosystem, and a true hero working on Uplift nation and breaking ground with NFT’s through

Sit down, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy this episode!

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Ben Fairbank is the CEO and CO-founder of RedFOX Labs. They are currently launching Kogs, which is a digital remastering of the old POGs game concept from the 90s. The first Kogs launch will consist of 100 Kogs created by 10 different artists.

With these NFT collectibles on the WAX blockchain they will also launch a whole ecosystem, starting with one traditional POGs inspired game for mobile platforms.

The long term goal is to launch multiple games and services where you can use your Kogs for abilities, stake or as entry fee.

This and much more in todays episode

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