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Anyobservation | #009 | Joel Comm & Travis Wright | Badcrypto podcast & Blockchain heroes



Anyobservation | #009 | Joel Comm & Travis Wright | Badcrypto podcast & Blockchain heroes

Joel Comm and Travis Wright are the hosts of Badcrypto podcast, a podcast that is one of the most downloaded cryptocurrency related podcasts out there. Joel and Travis are veterans in the field of digital marketing where they have launched multiple products and companies, released best selling books and are overall great guys!

Their latest projects is an amazing series of digital collectibles in the form of NFTs on WAX. WAX is a blockchain designed for great end user experience and is taking the place as the leader in the NFT ecosystem. Using NFTs with their collectibles ensures true ownership for anyone that buys these Blockchain heroes. With WAX you can instantly collect, transfer, trade and showcase your digital assets, with anyone, from all over the world.

Blockchain heroes is a fictional collection inspired by profiles in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. A total of 50 designs with 7 different rarities to trigger any collectors deepest wishes to own what is cool and rare.

Blockchain heroes is live on Saturday 8/8 2020 and can be traded and bought on multiple marketplaces already.

Blockchain heroes links:
Official website:
Marketplaces: |

Bad Crypto Socials:
Joel Comm Twitter:
Travis Wright Twitter:


Anyobservation Experience Podcast:


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