October 19

Alienworlds AMA with Michael Yeates



Alienworlds AMA with Michael Yeates

Alienworlds is a metaverse coming to WAX, Today we sit down with the Chief Technology officer in this world, Michael Yeates.

Alienworlds is basicly an economic infrastructure built on blockchain for games and dapps to integrate. With the launch their base infrastructure is built and launched, as the pack sale goes live their first mining game launches. Where you can use your NFTs to mine Trillium, the metaverse currency. As we move forward they will also release a card based battle game. This will be interesting to follow!

You find their socials here:
Website: https://alienworlds.io/
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/alienworlds
Telegram: https://t.me/AlienWorldsOffical
Discord: https://discord.io/AlienWorlds
Medium: https://medium.com/@alienworlds

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Website: https://anyobservation.com/

Anyobservation Experience Podcast:
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