Covering topics such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFTs and Gaming.

By supporting my content you may recieve NFTs.


The content I create covers all current areas of interest. Heavy on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and gaming. Focus is on the WAX ecosystem, but other projects has a place.

As of October 2020 I also offer a Subscription service where I give back value in the form of NFT airdrops. If you like my content or simply love NFTs, check it out.

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By supporting my content you will have a chance of getting airdropped NFTs into your WAX account in the following month.
These airdrops will consist of NFTs from smaller and bigger collections. 

Some airdrops will be announced prior to sales, some will be random. 


Simple, fast and effective flexible move


  • Free NFT
  • Small chance of airdrop
Platinum supporter

Monthly available NFT that will provide you will a chance of airdrops in the following month.




  • Platinum Slice
  • Higer chance of airdrops
  • Buy as many as you like, they increase the likelyhood of a drop


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